Sunday, 24 November 2013

Trila Drugs and NHS

We know we have become a suing culture in the UK and this my readers has caused many problems for us with cancer. 
Many doctors are now restricted to what they can treat cancer patients with in fear of being struck off registers or pulled before the board of a NHS Trust for trying something that may not have such a good record for treating cancer.
Trial drugs fall under this, we know over the years that many have been given a shot but out of say 40 people the trial drug may only work on a small handful, sometimes only 2 or 3 but that drug is then binned and the trial forgotten.
Alimta is used predominately for Mesothelioma but stats show it works on only 40 out of 100, so what about the 60 it doesn't work on.  A drug called Velcade was trialled some 4 years ago and that worked for a handful of the test subjects, this drug can't be used again, why because NICE or oncologists have no proof it can help.  But surely, as I think you do the same, it could work on some of the 60 Almita doesn't work on, or what about a second line chemo?

Then we have interferon, a drug that is tested in the USA, but not to be used here.  If our oncologists hands weren't tied could these drugs then be used to help us.

People are still under the misconception that Mesothelioma is an Old Person's disease, much like COPD, but even COPD doesn't affect just the elderly.
Then you have those that think, well 65 you've had a good innings, where does that come from.  At 65 you have worked a life time to enjoy another good 20 years of doing what you want.  No one is old these days until we hit maybe our late 80's or do suffer some of the problems of our bodies not wanting to last.
Your mother may have breast cancer at 65, do you want her to die because she can't be given a certain drug - no you would fight tooth and nail.  Well fight for all of us, don't keep suing the NHS when things go wrong. insurance costs eat up the salaries that could be paid for more doctors, nurses, ambulances and more importantly drugs for cancer.
How would you feel if your grandmother or grandfather was given a death sentence at the tender age of 59, 65, or 70.  These are the people you still go shopping with on a Saturday or they mind your children or grandchildren as you go off to work?  Come now, do you seriously think that we are old.
I remember at 16 people who died in their early 60's and it was thought they had a good life, that was some 34 years ago, our life has changed, our circumstances and the population has changed.  Many are still out playing Golf at 80, squash at 70 or working in a job they just don't want to give up.
Please don't let the government and the NHS treat cancer patients this way, help change the culture of suing if a doctor makes a mistake, they are after all human.  Neglect is one thing but trying to save a patient going out on a limb the oncologist should not face retribution but applaud for trying to save another member of the human race.
Read this Article and truly give it some thought.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


We have students at universities studying meds and physics and science and all kinds of research matterr, I know that grants are paid by the pharmaceutical companies to enable the research but why don't we turn this around.
If our students looked for new cures for cancers then when they were nearly at the full on position, that research is then tendered out to a company who will pay the most, but is a lot less than their research and development costs.  That contract money then covers the university costs and the drugs are made at a price\retail cost that all NHS subscribers could afford as well as the rest of the world.
This to me seems fair.  As it stands research and development is met by the pharmaceutical companies so they add at least 200% profit margin onto the drugs, then take the patent, so they need to cream as much as possible in the first 3 to 5 years.  Hence new drugs aren't always available.
Come on government, change is required.  It isn't always fancy drugs that save lives, simple research into simple things can be an answer.
Pharmaceutical companies want to have costs so they can charge...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Open doors to Britain

Which ever government is in will not take the hit and say what must people in this country want
"If you don't have a job you don't come in".  I watched news night last night and some young nit said that we leave England, yes we do but we don't go and scrounge on the government in those countries.  Those that leave Britain go because they have a job or can afford to retire in Spain, Greece or warmer climates.  In fact I don't think you get that much in benefits in these other European countries.
I have always said that anyone coming to the UK, regardless whether from Poland, Australia, India, or Africa should only be allowed in if they have enough money to support themselves for 3 months, have a sponsor who has paid a bond for them to be here and have a good prospect of a job or are employed already. 
Our pensions suffer, employers now have to start paying another form of Tax called a pension, NI was suppose to be for pension and the NHS, now its just paid out in benefits for people with 8 kids that live in London in large houses. 
Most people who have worked all their lives and suddenly find themselves unemployed are told to sell their houses before they can have any benefits and really piss away everything they have worked for.  What kind of country do we live in, sorry society?
Did anyone watch the big build SOS where that lady took in her friends children when she died.  She was told to sell her house and give up work if she wanted help, where was the 'you are doing a wonderful thing, here let us help you get sorted with a little more space', had she just arrived off a boat with 7 kids she would have been housed in a large house, probably flat screen TV's in every room and more money than she actually needed.
Poverty is where you can't afford to go to the take away, where your house doesn't have TV, Automatic washing machine, tumble dryers, playstations, poverty is trying to scrape together enough money to buy food and pay the rent. 
When I was a kid we had nothing, my dad was trying to build a business which meant everything went back into it, I made my own clothes at 11, buying remnants from Boyes' in their February sale.  Who does that these days?
So if the Government would get its finger out of its arse and seriously ask the UK residents who work what we think they probably wouldn't like the answer and\or ignore our pleas, we can't keep paying for everyone that wants to sponge.  This other nit whit said that they go to other countries like France and Germany, how come then they are all waiting at the borders to get across the channel!
Sorry just had to get it off my chest, as I hate it when I hear that someone who has never worked doesn't want to and why should they for less than they get.  I think those on dole etc who have never worked should be classed as lower earners and have to go around the parks or the roads and pick up litter, the community pays them so they should contribute to the community.  So what if they don't earn the average hourly wage, or its below them.  We would have a cleaner country and maybe just maybe they would learn to understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  As costs rise for employers and many business's are closing, those working are paying more tax and NI, no one ever mentions the NI! we get less and less for it, most private sector employee's have foregone payrises to keep their jobs, but not in the public sector they demand and get together with rises for those on benefits. 
The elderly deserve a lot more money than they have, they paid their way, why should those who have private pensions and have paid into them for their future then be penalised for wanting to ensure they sustain a standard of living but they should also get a full state pension, after all they contributed to that as well.
Enough otherwise I could write all night.  Hope this has given you some food for thought.